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Key Capitol Hill staffers also benefited from sweetheart deals.Fine Line Between Ignorance and Corruption. Jun. 14,. Even if he had disclosed such a sweetheart deal having such a.Countrywide also gave sweetheart deals to top officials at those GSEs,.Mortgage lender Countrywide Financial Corp. gave sweetheart deals on mortgage loans to members of Congress and other influential Washington policymakers with the goal.

Rep. Hensarling Wants Probe of Senators. He is accused of taking a sweetheart deal on a.Sens. Kent Conrad (D-N.D.) and Chris Dodd (D-Conn.) are fiercely denying a report that they knew they were getting sweetheart mortgage deals from Countrywide.

Gowdy Seeks Information on Effectiveness of Programs to Control Prescription Opioids.Report Reveals 29 Countrywide VIP Loans Made to Congressional Members and Staff. They were never offered special sweetheart deals and if anyone had made such.Gowdy, Goodlatte Open Investigation into Decisions Made by DOJ in 2016.Despite the fact that the lender has testified that both men knew that they were getting a sweetheart deal,.

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In 1999, Countrywide reached an exclusive agreement to sell Fannie Mae billions of dollars in mortgages at a discounted rate.

Pollard raised concern that 173 Countrywide VIP loans given to 42 Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac employees, including three former Fannie Mae CEOs, violated ethics rules and created a conflict of interest.House Oversight and House Intel Committees launch joint investigation into Obama-Era Uranium One Deal.Countrywide E-Mails Raise New Questions Surrounding Effort to Gain Influence in Exchange for Sweetheart Loan Deals.

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Any subversion of these rules will result in action taken against.

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Financial in the form of sweetheart mortgage deals. Countrywide also gave sweetheart deals to top.

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Is MSNBC so in the tank for the Democratic Party that it takes far-left documentary filmmaker Michael Moore to bring up malfeasance by a.

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Barack Obama has tried to score serious populist mileage from the subprime meltdown, explicitly naming Countrywide Financial as one of the villains of the economic.Now Dodd and North Dakota Senator Kent Conrad were accused of accepting sweetheart deals from Countrywide.

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Have you heard about the Countrywide V.I.P. from their official positions through secret sweetheart deals on their.The Postmaster General of the Postal Service is under investigation.And what is unique in this case is the pack of dogs (Countrywide bondholders),. Sen. Dodd chairs Senate Banking Committee yet got sweetheart mortgage deal.

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Chris Dodd says he got no sweetheart deals from embattled mortgage lender Countrywide Financial Corp., telling reporters Tuesday.Countrywide Financial made sweetheart deals for lawmakers and other.Senate ethics panel takes new look at Countrywide. or Senate staff received at least 30 Countrywide loans that offered sweetheart deals of. deals setback to.Apparently key Democrats got sweetheart deals from Countrywide.

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